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Clutter & Hoarding Cleanup

Getting help for your clutter can feel really vulnerable.

That’s why at 1871 Decon, we have two rules for decluttering and hoarding cleanup:

  1. No judgment. We’re not therapists. All we know is that you’re in a tough situation and need our help cleaning up. We don’t need a label for you other than your name. No matter what state your property is in, we guarantee we’ve seen someone with a greater challenge—and we didn’t judge them either. We’re here to help and nothing phases us.
  2. The resident is in charge. From the time of our free estimate to the minute we show up at your house, we establish your goals and coach you to upholding them. But you define them, and you make a decision about every item in your home: keep, give away, throw away.

Call (872) 225-5217 to schedule your estimate today.

If your home or property has become cluttered—you’re not alone. According to Scientific American, there are as many as 14M people in the US who are compulsive hoarders. And this doesn’t count people who end up with clutter just because of extremely busy lives or some other mitigating issue.

If clutter has gotten to a point where the health, safety and happiness of you and your neighbors or tenants is compromised, we can help.

Privacy: We can schedule your job at any time of the day or night, and we show up in unmarked vehicles.

Emotional Support: It’s not easy to clean clutter. We take care of the physical part, but we also have an experienced coach on each hoarding team who can help you regroup as you need to and re-ground you in the goals you set when things get tough. (Again, we’re not therapists. But you are welcome to have a therapist of your choice onsite while we work.)

Efficiency: If you choose to be present while we work, your job will be easier with our signature “decision line” process that helps us work quickly while keeping you in the driver’s seat. We send a minimal crew (usually 1 to 3, depending on your needs) to avoid miscommunication and maximize your comfort. We have an initial crew meeting and regular check-ins that include you, so everyone is on the same page—yours.

Safety: Our certified team members are fully trained in safely dealing with clutter: from tall stacks that could trap a person to safe removal of hazards like bacteria, mold, feces, urine, animal dander, and rodent droppings we keep you and our team members safe.

Sanitize and Clean: Once the clutter is cleared, we ensure your environment will be ready to support healthy living. Many items thought permanently damaged can be given new life with our advanced cleaning and sanitizing techniques.

Items of Value: We work carefully to ensure that items of sentimental value, important mail, legal documents, financial statements, photographs, jewelry, and anything of monetary value are found and returned to you. If it’s in the house, we’ll find it.

No-Drama Zone: It’s expected that you’ll have your ups and downs throughout the process. We help ensure that an already stressful experience isn’t made more so by external challenges. Our team is consummately professional and will bring only positive, patient, efficient energy to your home. We also excel at helping you set healthy boundaries with loved ones.

Free Estimate: The best way to know if we’re a fit is to meet us and find out if you’re comfortable with our team and our support. Your estimator will be onsite for your project should you choose to move forward.

Call (872) 225-5217 to schedule your estimate today.




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